Re: {Collins} AM filter in 75S-3c - C92?

Also...I noticed after doing the mod for the AM filter that sensitivity
was very low.  50uv was about s2.  This was for LSB and AM.  When I
removed the changes for the AM filter and back to stock, sensitivity was
back to normal.

Do I need to retune T4 and T5 after adding in the AM filter mod?


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Subject: {Collins} AM filter in 75S-3c - C92?

Im adding an AM filter in my 75S-3C and in the manual it states to
remove one end of C92 from one of the switch contacts.  Then run a wire
from that contact to pin 1 of the AM filter socket.


My question is, can I remove C92 that is still has one end connected to
Pin 3 of T4, or does the free end of C92 connect to something else?




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