{Collins} FS Collins 32S-1 Transmitter

For Sale: Very Nice Collins 32S-1 Transmitter 


Crystal Dates are 1958, S/N 274 and may have been first production run late

Superbly cared for transmitter, with clean straight cabinet with virtually
no ripples in cover, nice original paint.

All factory updates have been performed, all new electrolytics and paper
caps, NOS driver and 6146A finals. 

Aligned with trimmer caps either cleaned or replaced as required, including
new neutralization trimmer.

BNC Antenna connector installed (no chassis modifications), so that original
ceramic RCA could be reinstalled.  

No holes support for AM operation (removed at purchasers request).


Used regularly on the 80M Vintage SSB Roundtable Tuesdays and CCA 20M Net

Many pictures available on request.


Asking $355


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