Re: {Collins} SWR of the input circuits in the 30L-1.

Hello  Bent,

I recently checked my swr between my K3 and the 30L1 input. Your numbers are just fine. The only compromise frequencies are the WARC bands. The amp will tune these frequencies, so just apply drive and enjoy your 30L1. Don't be concerned about the swr on the WARC bands. If your driver transmitter doesn't care, let it rip and have fun.

Smith Bradford

On 2/7/2012 12:29, Bent wrote:
Hello All

I have a question to the SWR of the input circuits for the 30L-1.

I have tried to optimize the SWR on all 5 bands.

Have used a BIRD 43 with a 100 W slug.

Input from my TR7A exactly 70 W.
Reflected power on all bands except 3.7 Mhz less than 2 Watt.
I think it should be OK.
Please confirm if possible.

On 3.7Mhz reflected power is 6 Watt.

Are someone able to inform me whether it should be possible to get a better result er not.

Is there a "normal" or optimal position of the coil ajustment screw for L18 ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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