{Collins} FS Restored Collins 75A-3 Receiver

FS: Collins 75A-3 Receiver with 4:1 tuning knob. Receiver is in good
cosmetic condition and works exceptionally well. It has been completely gone
through by a retired Collins service technician. All tubular and
electrolytic caps have been replaced as well as any resistors out of spec.
All tube checked and weak ones replaced, controls cleaned and some replaced,
etc. It has been professional aligned. Great audio on AM and SSB. Very
stable for SSB and CW and great tuning with the 4:1 gears and knob. Filter
is 3.1. Chassis has some corrosion. Front Panel is nice. Cabinet is ok but
would look better refinished, pictures available. Price is $375 plus
shipping. Thanks, Charlie Hugg, K5MBX


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