Re: {Collins} Starting work on a 30S-1 repair/refresh, need advice can take the cartridge diodes apart and replace the innards with
a new diode then put back in the clip.

Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.

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It's been the 1970s since I had a 30S-1 but I found my Xerox copy of the
manual that I made before I included the manual when I sold it.  Yes, I did
some work on it when I had it.

>From the picture you linked and my manual picture it appears as though 
are DIODES, CR206 and CR209.   They are in the parts list as 1N1084.

I find them listed on the Internet as in excess of $50!!!   

So now you know why they were replaced with a modern generic

They look to me as though they are 400 volt, 500 mA diodes.

So they should easily be replaced by 29 cent diodes from any decent surplus
or parts store.

They will NOT be in the form of the cartridge package if that bothers you.
(I could put up with the bother to save $110 a pair!

(You switched from talking about the 30S-1 to 30L-1 in your post which had
me a bit confused.)

You have to remember that in 1959 or 1960 when that was likely produced
diodes were expensive and not cheap as they are these days.

Ian, K6SDE

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Subject: {Collins} Starting work on a 30S-1 repair/refresh, need advice

I have acquired a 30S-1 that needs "A little work".
May I please have your advice on these initial issues?

1- One item missing is C206, .15 microfarad, 5000VDC 10%, oiled paper

I Googled, Binged, looked @ Mouser/Allied/Newark/Digikey, some of the
Antique radio parts places, Nebraska Surplus, Fair Radio, etc., no luck.

The only place that had anything in the ballpark was the big "E" auction
(mostly used, but the oil filled age OK, unless they leak)

So if anyone knows another option to try, please tell me before I click on
something of unknown quality and condition.

2- The L202 reactor (choke) was out of the chassis. Based on the residue on
the floor of the chassis, it appears that this was on insulators of some
type that disintegrated.
Am I correct that L202 must be electrically isolated from the chassis when I
re-install it?

3- Someone appears to have replaced V201, V202 3B28 rectifiers with some
solid state devices.
(Unless this was a factory change??)
Would it be better for me to put tubes in??

4- I found this fuse block, can't really tell what it is from figure 6-6
Sheet 2, page 6-24
30L-1 manual revised 15 March 1976, but the fuses have been replaced with

I have ordered the Hi-Res/Dennis Brothers DVD on the 30S-1 to use as I go
through it and learn about the 30S-1, the DVD for the 30L-1 was great!!.



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