{Collins} 312B-5 parts wanted

Hi to the group


I obtained a 312B-5 last weekend from a local hamfest that puts a new light
on the term tuning for maximum smoke. It had gone through a house fire and
was covered in soot inside and out. The only heat damaged part seemed to be
the clear plastic reticle. The rest was discolored with the soot baked on.
As I hate to see this old equipment parted out, I am going to return it to
like new condition. The 70K-2 PTO turns out to work somewhat but with low
output and slightly distorted as seen on a scope. I will probably put it
aside as a later project if I could come up with another. 


So this is a request for another 70K-2 if there is one out there looking for
a new home. Please respond off list. 


If anyone is interested in seeing the before and after pictures of this
project, so it can be seen that most of this equipment is salvageable no
matter what, let me know.


Thanks to a great group to be a part of.


Tom Hankins


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