{Collins} 75S1 dial problems

Hello, I'm an new guy with a Collins, been licensed since 1967 and operated

a lot of Collins in the military.  I have a problem that has me stumped.


When my receiver warms up the dial will only move a few khz in one direction

or the other.  Example: if I am at 14.300 and the radio warms up the dial

only move a few khz above and below the center freq.  If the receiver is

everything works as it should.  I have had the dial assembly apart, and

the idler pulley, realigned everything probably a dozen times.  Presently I

the dial light disconnected and the dial doesn't stick quite as quick but

the less it will bind after the tubes heat up.  I'm hoping someone has seen

and can point me in the right direction.


Thanks and 73

Jim WU7G

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