{Collins} picture of the tuning rack parts

Hello Max,

I hope this picture will show you the internal parts of the tuning rack. The picture can be enlarged and you can take a close look at the end of the shaft you have in your hand. And the end of the tube that holds the
shaft with 4 bearing in the tube.

The holes you see at the end of the tube hold the bearings. The bearings should not be able to go through the holes. The pre load tensioner on the back of the rack sets the tension on the bearings. As the tensioner is turned clockwise as viewed from the rear, the shaft that has the knob attached pushes against the bearings. Since the bearings cant go through the holes the tension on the bearings increases.

I completely disassembled mine to remove 50 years of grime. It's a tedious job but the results are well worth the time invested. The inner shaft via the ball bearings to the tube make up an planetary gear reduction. Note the red string tied to the springs for the bands.
Those suckers can fly to places unknown.

Smith Bradford

p.s. to the list, the attached photo will be stripped from the e-mail, if you want a copy e-mail me and I'll forward the photo.

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