Re: {Collins} Skytec tube replacements

Hi Paul,
I don't know if you can make this generalized statement.  I have them in a 75S-3B and 32S-3 and apart from running cooler I have not seen any performance degradation.  I think many still use them and they command an attractive price even though the real-deal tubes are still plentiful and less expensive.  I would love to hear other's experience with the SkyTec replacements.
73 Jerry

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> What are Skytec solid state tube replacements (e.g. ebay 220920415205)? Tried google and got no applicable results. Anybody have a website?
> Rick WA1RKT

Rick, you can learn about them here:

I agree with KW4DH.  You've gotta' really want to try them and odds are you won't keep them very long after the trial.

Paul, W9AC


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