Re: {Collins} 32S-3 +275 LV At 110 VAC vs 122 VAC

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Richard and all,

I used a Sola ferroresonant transformer to stabilize a piece of test equipment once. They are effective in keeping the output voltage constant with varying loads and input voltage. However, they are noisy, and judging by the amount of heat they generate, inefficient. In my view they are not an optimum solution unless the load is very sensitive to voltage and the voltage varies over time to where it would be difficult to use a Variac.

For simply reducing the station line voltage, I use a filament transformer.
I do have a 15A Variac I use on the bench.

Bob AD3K

They are all of the above, although the noise depends on the particular design. We should be clear that this is acoustical noise not electrical noise. It sounded to me like the line voltage being discussed did vary a lot. If it is consistent but high then either a variac or step-down transformer would be fine. I wonder if the original poster has contacted the supplier about reducing the voltage. Worth a try anyway.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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