{Collins} R 388 PTO

Am trying to adjust the PTO internally on a 388 receiver.  Have loosened/pulled the "plug" on the front of the PTO and am trying to make the adjustment without taking the PTO out of the radio.   It's a very tight area.  Have not been successful in getting the adjustment to turn.  Can't really see it and am trying to adjust it by feel with a very small screw driver.  Isn't working.

Any thoughts, or do I need to pull the PTO from the radio and/or take off the front panel to get to this adjustment?  

(Incidentally the consensus from the group concerning trying to take off the military inventory number that is painted on the front was "don't".   I tried a few "non-aggressive" methods and none worked.   I don't want to chance screwing up the paint and wrinkle finish.)

Thanks much.


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