Re: {Collins} Correct main tuning knob for 75A-4?

Mine has the 4:1 knob and is a 800's serial number. Based on what you said Glen, I'd imagine mine was added after

James KB2FCV

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My particular 75A-4, with a 25XX serial number, came with the 1:1 knob.  The serial number list, found at

shows that the 4:1 knob started somewhere around serial number 3000.  However, my particular 75A-4 has the 15-meter band starting at 20.5 MHz instead of 20.8 MHz which supposedly started at serial numbers more than 1100 later!  Having worked at Collins Radio and having known Art Collins personally, I am never surprised by what I find in Collins equipment!
Glen, K9STH


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Correct for the 4:1 reduction knob. A number of 75A-4 receivers were supplied with the same 1:1 tuning knob like is on the rest of the A-Line receivers. The 4:1 was an option on some receivers, came "standard" on some, and was available as a field modification for still more.

Glen, K9STH Website:

    The slow motion knob seems to have appeared a few months after the 75A-4 came out, the first receivers had plain knobs. I think too many found the tuning rate too high so the reduction knob was developed. Kits were available as you say so I suspect few of the earlier receivers or KWS-1's remain with their original plain knobs.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles

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