Re: {Collins} Crystal or ceramic replacements for mechanical filters


For the S-Line, International Radio (InRad) carries drop-in replacements for
Collins Plug-in Filters using new Collins Mechanical Filters.  I believe the
narrow CW Filters (like Collins) are probably Crystal Filters as well.  

I've used their Roofing Filters with good results, but obviously the new
Collins Filters should be just fine as InRad simply built a PCB that mounts
the new filter with pins for plug-in.  Since the AM filters and narrow CW
filters are hard to come by these days, I expect I'll use them in the 75S-3B
one day.

I suspect they have appropriate filters for the non-plug-in filters, but
check out their web site at 

73 Dave WI6R

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     There seem to be a number of companies making crystal 
or ceramic lattice filters. Some of these might be 
replacements for Collins mechanical filters, perhaps with 
better characteristics (skirt steepness or lower ripple, 
etc). Has anyone had experience with any of these? Are there 
any that are recommended?  If so what is the cost relative 
to the genuine article?  I have no immediate need for these 
but a recent question made me think of it.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles


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