Re: {Collins} Help on Collins items cost - Thanks

I have received quite a bit of information on current cost. Many thanks to
every one who answered.
I have no item to sell. Actually I am getting some references to buy, btw..

Would guys tell me why a round emblem cost more than the wing Collins
emblem rigs ? It is just a matter of manufacturing period or there are more
involved ?

Thanks  Fred PY2XB

2012/1/21 Fred Carvalho <fred.py2xb@xxxxxxxxx>

> Hi guys
> I am new to this list. I have some Collins rigs and I am checking on some
> opportunities to buy more items. However I lost track of the current fair
> prices for Collins items. Would you help me to set fair limits for the
> followings items that would be in a fair condition (not exceptional, not
> bad)?
> 30S-1 Amplifier
> 30L-1 Amplifier
> 75S3B Receiver
> 32S3 Transmitter
> 312B-4 Console
> 516F-2 Power supply
> KWM-2A Transceiver
> 312B-5 Console
> DL-1 dummy load
> Antenna Tuner 180S-1
> SM-3 Microphone
> Rack Mount 351R 1/2
> Cristal Pack CP-1
> Any help is appreciated. Many thanks
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> Fred C Carvalho - PY2XB
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Fred C Carvalho - PY2XB

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