{Collins} Kiwa filters in 75S1

Hello, all


I am a new owner of Collins gear.  In the fall I picked up a non-working
32V3 and 75S1 at a ridiculously low price ($20) and got them back on the air
after Gary, W1ZM beautifully rebuilt the potted LV transformer that
dramatically failed with melted potting and smoke (yes, I'm running at
115VAC). I'm now having fun on 75 AM from Rhinebeck, NY on weekends. 


As you know the 75S1 in AM position depends only on two coupled 455 kHz
transformers and 4 tuned circuits for selectivity. It is much too broad for
today's operation.  I have found that Kiwa Electronic sells buffered ceramic
filters (6.5 KHz at 6 dB down) that are, in principle, drop in for the 75S1.
Does anyone have experience with this?  A filter could be dropped in
replacing the coupling capacitor between the IF cans or into the CW filter
slot avoiding the IF cans (disabling the BFO).   Any thoughts/advice please?




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