{Collins} 516F-2 Re-Cap Discovery

I'm recapping a WE 516F-2 that I got with a WE KWM2-A several years ago and the bias network doesn't match the schematic in the manual on the CCA web site (1974 version).  The 5R4 has been replaced with a solid state unit, but my major questions are in the area of the bias network.
Starting from the transformer bias winding, the 100 ohm resistor is missing, the rectifier is a 1N1490, and the resistor string is 2700 ohms to a 2500 ohm pot and a 3300 ohm to ground.  Is sthis some kind of an update due to replacing the old Sarkes Tarzian 50 with a 1N1490?  I would have thought that the 100 ohm would be increased to reflect the lower resistance of a more modern diode.  I see no benefit in cutting the resistor values, in fact, it ups the bias network dissipation by nearly a factor of 4.  It is clearly not original based on the poor workmanship of soldering the parts.
Can someone advise me on the best approach to rework this?  Values as existing, or manual values?

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