{Collins} KWM-1 needs a good home

Greetings to the list.
I need to move along my KWM-1, complete with power supply and matching speaker.
There are only two wrinkles with the transceiver.

1. Someone had mounted a mini toggle switch on the front panel in place of using
the existing emission switch power on position. The wafer looks to be fine on that
switch position internally. It's a shame but it is what it is. All positions work fine.
2. There are two micro cracks on the tuning dial escutcheon (Bakelite) which are not
that noticeable. It came to me this way. There is no problem with the mounting
integrity. I would consider this as a very minor cosmetic blemish.

The overall cosmetics are very good, the paint and lettering are excellent.
The knobs show signs of use and wear, the vernier tune and load knobs are excellent.
The cosmetics of the power supply are somewhat less attractive with some scratches
on the front panel and some wear on the Collins winged logo.
The operational aspects are fine, voltages right on the mark.
The speaker is in excellent condition and works perfect.

I took a lot of time making this radio a real performer and have used it weekly on the
CCA 20 meter net with excellent results. I performed the HV feedthrough capacitor
modification, and added the linear amplifier control relay modification which utilizes
the unused 500 ohm output jack to control linear amplifier operation.
I also replaced all of the electrolytic capacitors inside of the transceiver.
Currently not in use on 15 & 10 meters.

This is mid production unit, serial number 629. No manual or microphone is included.
I am asking 1200.00 shipped and insured. Photos available on request.
Happy to answer any questions you may have.
Thanks for reading and 73.
Billy N6YW

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