{Collins} Friday Night West Coast Collins SSB Net

AUGUST 102013
Friday Night West Coast Collins SSB Net
Sponsored by the Collins Collectors Association. 
8 PM Pacific, 3895 kc +/- QRM. All stations are welcome to check in to the net. We encourage Collins gear of course. Your Net control scheduled for the evening will be WAYNE KB6OQJ.  CHECK US OUT ON TinyChat

We will take several breaks during the net to check for Mobil and DX stations. 
click on http://www.collinsradio.org/west-coast-ssb-net  to see the Collins Collectors Association INFO on the net.

Werner, WB6RAW, has set up TinyChat for video linking during the net. See the website for info or contact Werner at wvaken@xxxxxxx for more information.
To use Tiny Chat
	1.	Go to http://tinychat.com/CCAwest 
	2.	Scroll down to cancel the "advertisement"
	3.	Join the chatroom using "Guest"
	4.	Type your call sign and click on "Go" (No caps or spaces allowed)
	5.	You will now be able  to see and hear other CCAwest hams also logged-in and also text chat with them
	6.	To broadcast video and PTT audio: click on "Broadcast" and follow the screen prompts (be sure to use the "Push-to-talk" audio)

de Mickey, WA6FIZ, Friday PM SSB Net Manager & Control


NETS: Tues & Thur: 3.805 MHz-2000 Central + Fri: 3.895 MHz-2000 Pacific
 SUNDAYS: 14.263 MHz-2000 UTC  +  AM Net: 29.050 MHz-1200 Central
 1st Wednesday AM Net 3.880 MHz-2000 local (ET, CT, MT, PT)

The Collins Reflector reserves the right to refuse access to anyone.

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