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It is the same as a 9 pin vacuum tube.  Kenwood,  Yaesu and Ten-Tec also
used them for their remote VFOs.  The plugs were very common some years ago.
There must be NOS out there.  It should would be easy to make them, just get
a 9 pin tube socket and solder stiff wire of the same gauge as tube pins
into the socket holes.-----Original Message-----
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Dear Colleagues


I am new to setting up a Collins station.  I just noticed when looking to
set up my 312-B5 that it must be powered with a special power cable from the
KWM2 to a special power jack on the 312B-5.  It is called VFO power cable in
the picture.  


Question:  Where does one get that cable?  Is this available at RF
Connections like some other cables?  The cable did not come with the unit.


Please advise,


Bernie KV7H


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