{Collins} KWM-380 for sale

I am selling my KWM-380 SN# 974. It is in Very-Good to Excellent condition.
I had it in storage for about 25 years, and sent it to Bob Struk, KX6K last
year for repair and installation of a couple of the more important Service
Bulletins. Almost all of the Service bulletins have been installed. The
update that eliminates the "key-off RF spike" is installed. If you wish to
talk to Bob about my radio, he is listed on the CCA website as one of the
sources for KWM-380 repair. 


1.       Has all filters and accessories including the control interface,
noise blanker, and speech processor.

2.       The control keypad is an original Collins mounted in a very nice
looking wood base. 

3.       Original speaker cover was dented. KX6K replaced it with a Collins
original speaker cover. Mint.

4.       All of the critical capacitors were replaced. 

5.       Output power is over 100W on all bands. Higher on the lower
frequencies of course. 

6.       It has HF-380 transmit characteristics - (GC)

7.       It will come with the complete Collins Service Manual which
includes all SBs. 

8.       It also has the 1981 (revised) Users Manual. In fact, my user
manual is the one that is available on the CCA website. 

9.       I never had the Collins microphone for it, preferring my D-104 on
the G stand. The 104 is a "pre-CB BS" original. It still works perfectly. If
asked, I will include the D-104. 


I am asking $3000.00 plus shipping. I will ship with the carrier of your
choice. For anyone who wishes to pick it up to save shipping, I live in
Garland, TX a suburb of Dallas. 


I will be glad to send photos if asked. 



John Cadick, N5JC




(214) 356-1009 (Cell)





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