{Collins} FW: Collins Radio 80th Anniversary Sept 21-23 and 28-30 2013 Station Available

I tried to reply direct to Bob but it bounced so I am replying via the list;
might as well since if any other "locals" to us want to participate we have
an all-Collins 2-position station in the Burchett Museum & Radio Club K6SLC
available for the event....if it is deemed to be helpful to the overall
outcome. Here is my reply below; just let me know offline. 
Bob Burchett

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Do you want any other stations to "be involved" in this event as club

We have K6SLC the Burchett Museum and Radio Club which is CCA and is
all-Collins with 2 operator positions. We could be available. Interested? 

Robert L. "Bob" Burchett
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Collins Radio 80th Anniversary Sept 21-23 and 28-30 2013

The club stations for Rockwell Collins will be celebrating the 80th
anniversary of the Collins Radio Company with a special event operation the
last two weekends of September.

W0CXX and N0CXX Cedar Rapids, IA; W5ROK Richardson, TX; W4CRC Melbourne, FL
and  W6CXX Tustin, CA will participate.  

Operation is from 9AM to midnight local time for each station based on
operator availability.  Operators will use vintage Collins radios or more
modern radios depending on what's available at each station and that
operator's preference.  Special QSL card for the event (not for each
station) is available to all.  A certificate for those of you working 3 or
more club stations on any combination of band/mode.  Operation will be on
non-WARC bands only.  www.w0cxx.org for more details on the operation and
QSL instructions.

We'd be happy to hear from Collins collectors!

Note: Listen for "CQ CR80" on CW. 

Bob Lee

"CW forever"


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