{Collins} Collins radios and ground fault circuit breaker tripping

With approximately five or six Collins S line receivers, HF 80 receivers or exciters on the ground fault protected 120 volt a.c. circuit  the class A ( 5 mil trip )  ground fault breaker will trip off.   Reducing the number of receiver / exciters and the breaker will not trip off .  The breaker is tripping off because of ground fault, not excessive current. 

This rigs have .01 capacitors connected from each end of the primary 120 volt winding to chassis ground.

I suspect that it is current flow through  these capacitors from line to ground which is causing the ground fault breaker to trip 

It might also be leakage from the transformer primary winding to chassis causing the trip.  

What is the purpose of the .01 capacitors - line to ground, at both ends of the transformer primary ?

And you can probably see this coming from a mile away - if the capacitors are not needed - can they be disconnected, if they are causing the ground fault breaker to trip.?

And I have answered some of my question - if the capacitors were not needed, most likely they would not be there.  

Can anyone provide some insight into this situation ?

An isolation transformer is not the solution - isolation transformers have earned their reputations as widow - makers - and an isolation transformer would block the ground fault protection.   .  

Thanks for your help.  

Richard M. Lorenzen  

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