Re: {Collins} 51S-1 Cabinet info & Gearing Query

If you can move the main tuning knob even a slight amount and hear no change in the pitch, it is very probable that the drive gear on the end of the knob shaft has at some time come out of the anti-backlash ring gear which is part of the KC dial such that the anti-backlash spring is not in tension.

It's a simple matter to fix by dropping the front panel and re-setting it. Just hold the anti-backlash gear spring compressed by a tooth or two and re-insert the drive gear. As soon as both rings are engaged, release the pressure and the tuning should be good.

Another remote possibility is that the spring on the Oldham coupler is off which would cause a little slop in the tuning. You should be able to see the spring connecting the two disks on the two pins which are 90 degrees apart. One pin on the front disk and one pin on the rear disk.

73, Charlie k3ICH

Both tes
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I gave up on ever finding a 51S-1 so here it is on the bench!

-- For the record:  I no longer want a Pre-1970 1911A1 and I
no longer want my wife to win the lottery.  What the heck worked

What is the scoop on a cabinet for these.  Of course is rack mount.
I've been told that either a 30L1 or KWM2 cab might work with some
sort of caveat or simple mod?

Also, whilst typing anyway.  The gearing on the main tuning seems
somewhat loose.  Not slipping or anything, but noisy.  Repeatability
is pretty fair.  Just a little sloppy feeling.  Normal?   Or should
it have some fine adjustment done in the preload or...?

It is working well after a slight tweak in the crystal osc coil for
the upper bands and I want to go into it slowly with no herculean
dives until I learn more about it.

Is early model.  100 or 400 series depending on how one interprets
the ink spot on the first digit.

Any ideas of what I should look for in general about the receiver
would be appreciated.  Is the first one I ever played with.


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