{Collins} Update to Collins Radio 80th Anniversary Special Event Operation

UPDATE:We have a club member at a regional site who will be participating under our club call along with the other club stations, so there's one extra person to work for a certificate - W0CXX/2 

The club stations for Rockwell Collins will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of the Collins Radio Company with a special event operation the last two weekends of September.

W0CXX and N0CXX Cedar Rapids, IA; W5ROK Richardson, TX; W4CRC Melbourne, FL, W6CXX Tustin, CA and W0CXX/2 NY will participate.  

Operation is from 9AM to midnight local time for each station based on operator availability.  Special QSL card for the event (not for each station) is available to all.  A certificate for those of you working 3 or more club stations on any combination of band/mode.  Operation will be on non-WARC bands only.  www.w0cxx.org for more details on the operation and QSL instructions.

Note: Listen for "CQ CR80" on CW.

Bob Lee

"CW forever"

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