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Just FYI, there is an app in the Member's Only area of the CCA website under
"Tools" (Click on the little hammer) where you can you can just type in the
xtal frequency for the S-line and it tells you the band range...  Very
useful and my thanks again to our Ass't Editor and technical writer for the
Signal, Don Jackson.

Try it....You will like it.

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HI All:

I have a nice round emblem KWM-2A for sale with a recapped 516F-2 power
supply.  The radio and power supply are in good cosmetic condition, with
some paint wear evident primarily near the finger hole in the top cover and
the side holes where a PM-2 would attach.  I made the transmit-receive
frequency shift mod that was described in Issue 24 of the CCA Signal.
Otherwise, the radio is bone stock.

In addition to the standard ham band crystals that were originally supplied
with the unit there is a full set of auxiliary crystals installed in the
radio.  The deck positions and crystal frequencies are listed below.  I
haven't bothered to check the manual to see what frequency ranges they
cover. I never used them.

* 1a 7155.0 Khz
* 1b 11155.0
* 1c 13555.0
* 1d 9777.5
* 1e 12577.5
* 2a 7355.0
* 2b 11555.0
* 2c 7677.5
* 2d 9877.5
* 2e 12677.5
* 3a 7555.0
* 3c 8477.5
* 3d 9977.5
* 3e 12777.5
  I also have a replacement aluminum insert for the VFO dial.

Photos can be seen here:  Price is
$1,200, packing and shipping extra.  Contact me off list for additional


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