{Collins} For Sale: 32S-3

This is not an estate radio with no way to check it out. I have refurbished
this radio to include the following: Cabinet/Trim Ring taken down to bare
metal and refinished with the correct Collins paint and colors, cleaned
switches and pots, cleaned and relubed the PTO, installed new knob inserts,
front panel and chassis cleaned, tubes check/replaced as needed, all
circuits realigned including the PTO and frequency dial to factory specs.
Select caps both electrolytic and paper replaced as necessary, output
checked on all bands into a dummy load and then checked on the air on 75
meters and 20 meters. The output meets factory specs. All knobs operate as
expected and tuning is smooth. I would rate this as CCA very good to
excellent and is a very nice looking and operating 32S-3. 
Also a 516F-2 is available to the buyer if needed for additional
funds.(Total of $1000 plus shipping). Will only sell the power supply after
the transmitter has sold. Asking $625.00 plus shipping. PayPal preferred.
Pictures available to serious buyer prospects. Tnx All



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