{Collins} Kwm-1 feed through caps

Hi All, the high voltage feed through caps on the KWM-1, KWS-1 and KW-1 are marginal even when new.

Replacing them with NOS feedthroughs is great.
Another angle that may be worth consideration , is to leave the old caps fitted to the set with more reliable modern disc capacitors providing TVI reduction

This entails "floating" the feed through cap  above chassis by replacing all the metal nuts,bolts and washers with nylon replacements that were used for transistor mounting.

Extra nylon washers are used to ensure the capacitor body flange does not contact chassis.

So now you have the original cap in its original position with the original cables in and out, acting as a whole conductor.

Now under chassis you fit your nos high voltage disc ceramic from chassis to centre conductor and all is done.

This has worked faultlessly on 3 KV  B +  feed throughs.

Cheerio from Steve VK4VN

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