{Collins} CCA West Coast Net Tonight

Greetings to the list!
Tonight's net was completely buzzed out over the 2013 Q2 edition of the Signal Magazine.
It was a very spirited and lively group tonight to say the least. Gary K6GLH came aboard
and gave his perspective and it pretty much spelled out what has become the reality of
the CCA... The Bar Keeps Getting Raised! Actually, the Signal IS the BAR!
And, to add further antics to our roundtable, everyone who signed into our Tinychat room,
www.tinychat.com/ccawest were treated to many of us showing off our 80th anniversary
membership certificates, and some very important Collins history artifacts!
Pete K5PZ showed us his entire collection of Art Collins QSL cards on camera. It was
so cool! In addition to the sight of the participants equipment on display while in use, the
dynamic of this type of interplay is wonderful and adds a great dimension to our communications
tools. It's like having ATV and HF running at the same time, in near real time with the
throughput being very good in most cases.
Mickey WA6IFZ did a great job running the net tonight and it featured two individuals who have
been absent for a while. Bob W6OPO and Jack K0HEH. 
Werner WB6RAW is just back from a month long RV road trip in his rolling ham shack.
During this trip, we did something that has likely never been done before... I checked him into
the CCA net via Skype while on the road! I retransmitted his Skype audio through my Gold Dust
Twins into the net while he monitored my receiver audio through Skype (Tinychat).
Art Collins would have no doubt found this interesting. Using the 312B-4 phone patch for this
option is also being discussed. Recently, several CCA members used their phone patch units
to route audio for net ops during the Vintage SSB Roundtable on Tuesdays, 7:00 PM PST
on 3895 khz. Many Collins equipped stations check into this roundtable as well... really good stuff!
I would like to challenge everyone who participates in CCA related activities and nets, to post updates
with content that enhances the experience of our users. While we pride ourselves in remaining
relevant, we must keep pushing the envelope of developing our vision for the future.
Thank you Bill for harnessing the power and talent needed to make the CCA such a wonderful
and dynamic group. The growth exhibited is awesome and it keeps getting better.
Thank you again and again.
73 de Billy N6YW

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