Re: {Collins} CCA West Coast Net Tonight

I recall seeing those publications but until 2012 & 2013, I had never been a member
of the CCA or subscribed to any other Collins publication. In fact, it was because of
Bill Carns and Gary Halverson that encouraged my becoming a member.
Back in the early 90's when I first started collecting Collins equipment, I had a whole
bunch of the CCA Signal magazines on loan from a friend who was a member.
I really liked the magazine and read all of them from cover to cover.
I hope to one day have the entire library including all of the ER mags.
Now, I am completely bitten by the mag bug, along with certain QSL cards.
If you can, send me a couple of photos of those mags so I can see what they look like.
I enjoyed last night immensely and look forward to next weeks nets for sure.
73 de Billy N6YW

> Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 11:05:02 -0700
> From: w6dq@xxxxxxx
> To: veniceamplifier@xxxxxxx
> Subject: Re: {Collins} CCA West Coast Net Tonight
> Billy,
> I wanted to ask you about some other publications that I have in my 
> collection ... you seem to have some knowledge of them.
> I picked up a pile of old magazines at a swap meet a few years back.  
> They are "Collins Collectors" magazines (I use the term loosely) ... two 
> different publications.  One is pretty well done and it's called "The 
> Collins Collector's Monthly Magazine."  I have Vol 1 No 1 June 1991 and 
> the entire Vol1, most of Vol 2 and parts of Vol 3.  They seem to have 
> gone by the wayside as I find no info on them today.  But it is the same 
> cast of characters!  I find photos of Bill Carns (great phots by the 
> way!!), Rod Blocksome and others. Heck, one big contributor was Hal 
> Layer, KK6HY, who published a regular listing of ALL known Collins ham 
> radio gear!  Precursor to the Jay Miller book?  It was published by Jay 
> Roman, KB0ATQ.  These are actually pretty well done ... printed on 
> decent stock and contain a lot of great info.
> THe second set is partial "The Collins Journal."  This is the one 
> published by David Knepper.  Pretty cheesey material, photocopied. David 
> runs the Collins Radio Association, yeah?  I don't think they have a 
> publication anymore but I suppose I could be wrong.
> Anyway, I wanted your thoughts on these.  The Collector's Monthly is 
> pretty neat and has a lot of good info.  What history do you know of 
> them?  Would the CCA have any interest in the information contained within??
> I think one of the coolest things out of the whole pile is a photo of 
> Rod Blocksome's KWM-3 prototype.  He apparently showed this off at the 
> '91 Dayton Hamvention.  I may try to get a scan of it and put it up on 
> the Vintage SB yahoo group ...  it is really neat looking!
> Anyway, great to have you on last night.  Lots of fun on tinychat! Gary 
> is out of control as usual .... what a character!!  We really need to 
> get back up and visit them soon!!
> Back to work.
> 73,
> -dennis W6DQ
> Fullerton CA
> On 7/5/2013 11:23 PM, William Yates wrote:
> > Greetings to the list!
> > Tonight's net was completely buzzed out over the 2013 Q2 edition of the Signal Magazine.
> > It was a very spirited and lively group tonight to say the least. Gary K6GLH came aboard
> > and gave his perspective and it pretty much spelled out what has become the reality of
> > the CCA... The Bar Keeps Getting Raised! Actually, the Signal IS the BAR!
> > And, to add further antics to our roundtable, everyone who signed into our Tinychat room,
> > were treated to many of us showing off our 80th anniversary
> > membership certificates, and some very important Collins history artifacts!
> > Pete K5PZ showed us his entire collection of Art Collins QSL cards on camera. It was
> > so cool! In addition to the sight of the participants equipment on display while in use, the
> > dynamic of this type of interplay is wonderful and adds a great dimension to our communications
> > tools. It's like having ATV and HF running at the same time, in near real time with the
> > throughput being very good in most cases.
> > Mickey WA6IFZ did a great job running the net tonight and it featured two individuals who have
> > been absent for a while. Bob W6OPO and Jack K0HEH.
> > Werner WB6RAW is just back from a month long RV road trip in his rolling ham shack.
> > During this trip, we did something that has likely never been done before... I checked him into
> > the CCA net via Skype while on the road! I retransmitted his Skype audio through my Gold Dust
> > Twins into the net while he monitored my receiver audio through Skype (Tinychat).
> > Art Collins would have no doubt found this interesting. Using the 312B-4 phone patch for this
> > option is also being discussed. Recently, several CCA members used their phone patch units
> > to route audio for net ops during the Vintage SSB Roundtable on Tuesdays, 7:00 PM PST
> > on 3895 khz. Many Collins equipped stations check into this roundtable as well... really good stuff!
> > I would like to challenge everyone who participates in CCA related activities and nets, to post updates
> > with content that enhances the experience of our users. While we pride ourselves in remaining
> > relevant, we must keep pushing the envelope of developing our vision for the future.
> > Thank you Bill for harnessing the power and talent needed to make the CCA such a wonderful
> > and dynamic group. The growth exhibited is awesome and it keeps getting better.
> > Thank you again and again.
> > 73 de Billy N6YW
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