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I did an article for the Signal on how to use JB Weld to fill holes and the
technique can be used on a S-Line lid by filling the hole and then carefully
drilling matching air holes and then sanding and painting. The JB Weld is
much stronger than using body filler.


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The s line cabinet used a type of continuous piano hinge that was cut to
length for each cabinet.
So the start and finish point for each hinge was mostly unique.
Mixing and matching lids and cabinets could be quite a challenge.
Bearing in mind that after cabinet repair you will be up for a partial or
full repaint, the holes can be repaired with car body filler, sanded smooth
and then holes drilled using another lid or a 516f-2 front panel as a
Fibreglass repair kit,sanded and drilled.
Do a hot lead pour ,sand and drill.
Or maybe have the hole aluminium welded or spluttered ,sanded and drilled
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