{Collins} FS: RE 312B-4

Collins Fans,

I have a RE 312B-4 available to a new home.  It served us in the military, as evidenced by the nomenclature plate on the front panel.  The Collins S/N is 60XXX, but the C-6118/FRC-93 S/N is 164 on a 1969 contract.  I have used this unit for many years in my station.  All functions work, but I never did try to use the phone patch itself.  The connectors are original and not damaged.  I did run my EV-664 mic thru this console and used the "Transmit Only" function to key the rig until I got a foot switch (unless using VOX).  A prior owner did install a wire jumper under the phone patch chassis to provide ground without having an audio cable between "Phone Patch Out" and the rig; easily removed.  

Per CCA ratings, the FRONT PANEL rates a Very Good (unless you object to the nomenclature tag).  The CABINET and remainder of the unit rate Good.  Uncle Sam repainted this unit, so there is light gray spray on the feet and front risers, as well as a bit on the back of the phone patch chassis.  The meter and coupler are fine, as are the speaker and meter light.  The rubber feet are cracked and the small knob on the rear panel "VOX Bal" pot is missing.  This unit is reasonably clean, but could use a decent paint job.  No big dings or dents.  Photos and details upon off-list request.

Price: $140 + shipping from 52310.  It will be well-packed.

73, Dale
CCA Member         

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