{Collins} Fw: FS: RE 312B-4- sold

Wow, fast action!  The console is taken, pending receipt of funds.  Thank you.

73, Dale

>Collins Fans,
>I have a RE 312B-4 available to a new home.  It served us in the military, as evidenced by the nomenclature plate on the front panel.  The Collins S/N is 60XXX, but the C-6118/FRC-93 S/N is 164 on a 1969 contract.  I have used this unit for many years in my station.  All functions work, but I never did try to use the phone patch itself.  The connectors are original and not damaged.  I did run my EV-664 mic thru this console and used the "Transmit Only" function to key the rig until I got a foot switch (unless using VOX).  A prior owner did install a wire jumper under the phone patch chassis to provide ground without having an audio cable between "Phone Patch Out" and the rig; easily removed.  

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