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For some reason this message got taken out by the filtering rules on the
list, so I am copying it in here to see if this flies. It was a good input:


Also, Fetrons and Tubesters were not the same.  Fetrons were produced by
Teledyne as substitutes for a limited number of Bell System tubes (I am not
at home right now so I can't remember the specific tube types, but there
were only a half-dozen or so). The Tubesters were made by a Collins
enthusiast from maybe 30 years ago or more (again, I am not near my sources
so I can't be more specific).  He may have been inspired by Fetrons, or
maybe vice-versa, but they are not directly related.
Mike W2IY


On 07/09/13, David C. Hallam<david.hallam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I purchased a set of Tubesters for my 75S-3 back in about 1982. I had 
problems with them and took them out. The replacement for the tube in 
the PTO was one of the problem tubes. I could pass my hand over the top 
of the radio and hear the frequency change.


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