Re: {Collins} About sending Signal magazine international

Roberto, The magazine is mailed in a white medium heavy envelope. It is
protected - but not from water. We do mail international First Class and we
have had no problems with delivery.


Let's run a test..  I will mail you the first and second quarter magazines
as soon as you confirm your address and as soon as I get my extra copies of
the Q2 issue here in Texas. They are being mailed this week so I should have
them soon.


When you get them, let me know.


I am glad that you are enjoying the group. We are enjoying watching you have


Best Regards,




From: Roberto Salazar [mailto:ys1rs@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 3:12 PM
To: wcarns@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: About sending Signal magazine international


Hola Bill.


Saludos desde El Salvador.

Greetings from San Salvador.


I will like to become a member of the Collins Collector's Association, you
guys have been very nice to me either by responding all my Collins related
questions on the reflector,

or by opening a space for me to report to the weekly Collins Collector's
Association Sunday Net. 

I have even received small parts needed to repair my equipment from fellow
members, all this knowing I am not yet a member. 


I have only received good from you guys and that says a lot of the
Association and its members. 

Your spirit of collaboration as true Ham Radio Operators is outstanding and
I will like to also become a member of such an elite group if you guys allow
me to.

I am new to Collins and have a bare minimum equipment with no possibilities
of growth by lack of space/resources so I am sorry I can not be of any
technical help 

but who knows some day in the future I may be of any help to other members.


Have seen the web page where you become a member and is a simple straight
process so no help needed on that.



I understand the Signal Magazine is been sent quarterly. How do you send it
to International members?

Does it come in a sealed envelope? plastic bag? I ask because I want to
check with local post office and receive it here at home directly.

I see it is $40 for international members so I'll be doing a Paypal on the
first days of August as soon as I have availability of funds in Paypal.


Many thanks in advance for your response to my magazine question and
congratulations for the great job.


73 de Rob.










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