{Collins} Fetrons Vs. Tubesters

I echo Mike's comments re the Fetrons.  Working for AT&T during the early 70's timeframe I was involved in the changover from vacuum tubes to the Fetrons.  As Mike mentioned, the Fetron types were very limited.  I remember substitutes for the 6AK5, and a few Western Electric three digit tube types.  These were mainly used to replace heat producing tubes in the older Bell System type "N" and "ON" multiplex carrier systems that were still in wide use at the time.   After Fetron replacement, we were able to remove the forced air cooling to the equipment racks, thus reducing energy consumption considerably.  


The original "Tubesters" were manufactured by a company called Skytec in Talmadge, California.  I'm not sure if they got the idea from the Fetron or not.  I do remember seeing their ads in QST Magazine back in the late 70's and early 80's. I think later the company went out of business and "Tubester" equivilants were either made or distributed by the late Bill Noonan, W6BN.


Steve, N6HK  

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