{Collins} Do you need help moving a large Collins rig?

As many of you are aware, my wife and I, are moving to Eastern Oklahoma, this coming week. I will be returning to SoCal, the first week of August, and bringing our 24' enclosed race car hauler, with us, to get a classic car, we own, but can't take with us, on this trip.
If anyone is in need, or knows of someone in need, of moving their precious radios, or any large or delicate items, for that matter, we will have lots of room for moving them securely, from middle America, to SoCal, or parts in between. I'm just looking for some help with fuel costs, I'm not going to soak anyone. 
The last time I did this, I moved an Army Helicopter pilot's stuff, from Tulsa, to Hermosa Beach, mostly filling the 12' trailer, that I was pulling, at that time, and he paid only $400, for this move. It will all depend, on what it is, that's being moved, and between what two points. But, if you have a classic old Collins KW-1, or larger radio, that needs to be moved, and done so by a fellow Collins enthusiast, someone who appreciates the need to be very cautious, then please contact me off list, and I am certain that we will be able to come to some sort of terms fair to both of us.

Evening Shade, OK

In tough economic times, it is purported to be beneficial to invest in precious metals, like platinum, gold and silver. 
Personally, I choose to invest in blued steel, brass, and copper jacketed lead. 
As well as, classic old, vacuum tube ham radios.

The problem with socialism is, that you will eventually run out of other peoples' money.
Margaret Thatcher

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