{Collins} 270G-2 speaker replacement?

I've been using a TMC GSP-1 speaker with 51J4 for a while, because it was handy.  FInally dug a 270G-2 out of storage, figuring it would  be a better match, and of course it would "match" since it's the right finish and not TMC blue.   Well … the 270G-2 sounds quite poor and muffled by comparison to the GPR-90 speaker.  It isn't a speaker I'd choose to use given other options.

The GSP-1 has its original high quality 8" Jensen PM (Alinco-5) in it.  The 270G-2 has a 10" something (no manufacturer evident in the markings).  The speaker cone is in good shape, so it doesn't appear to be just a bad speaker in the box.

I wonder if anyone has put a Jensen in the 270G-x, and if so if it made a difference?  The modern "vintage" Jensen would be a P10R.

Grant NQ5T

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