Re: {Collins} 270G-2 speaker replacement?

Hi Grant
What is wrong with the Collins Replacement Speakers
at the Surplus Sales of Nebraska . They are NOS
Collins for $30.Last time I checked they still had them
in Stock.

                  Stan K6RMR

Thanks …

i don't really think the original speaker has malfunctioned. It may be "original", but that doesn't make it perfect :) I'm really just interested in whether anyone on the list has tried a Jensen PM as a replacement.

I've ordered a P10R. Maybe a bust (almost $100), maybe a not. For now, I'm using an RCA 40-5035 (sold by RatShack many years ago) -- a speaker I consider to be a benchmark. The 5035 (I have 4 of them) is remarkable on anything I've put it on.

Grant  NQ5T

On Jul 10, 2013, at 3:25 PM, veniceamplifier <veniceamplifier@xxxxxxx> wrote:

The P10R is a very good sounding spkr with good definition and highs. I would surmise that due to age, your spkr may have malfunctioned.
Billy N6YW

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