{Collins} KWS-1 Teflon Disk Update. Some addresses needed.

Here is the KWS-1 Teflon disk list as I have it. Please indicate your correct mailing address to me, because some of you did not include one or your callsign. I am ready to ship today and tomorrow after a 1 week delay. Also
double I want to double check the quantity needed. One disk per transmitter is all that's needed.

Paul Katz
Richard Mercer
William Marx
Dave Robinson
Jim Mornar
Peter Wittenberg
Walton Van Arsdale
Thomas Guam
Stephen Sparks
George Ulm
Murray Scott
Richard Collier
Ron Jones
Thomas Rousseau
Deric Aflek
Scott Kerr 
William Gittere
Roy Morgan
Dennis Wooley

Thanks in advance.
73 de Billy N6YW


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