{Collins} KWS-1 Teflon Disks List Update

To all:
The list that I posted today has been addressed and sent. Hooray!
I am compiling a final list for the next AND LAST batch of disks.
I have enough material left for 15 disks, so once they are gone
they are gone. 
So far. I have these people on my new list:

Richard Collier (sorry I missed your name on the first batch)
Dennis Wooley
Fern Rivard
Bill Cotter
Dan Galligan.
Saad N5FF

Be sure to include your name and mailing address and a paypal payment
of 5 dollars if you haven't done so already. I am making no money on this
project nor did I ever want to. If you're in Canada, the cost is 8.00.
These are being sent 1st class parcel in a padded envelope.

A reminder, you will have to likely do a little flattening sanding on some
as there are imperfections which will not hamper the installation. 
My saw has a new blade but it too has a tendency to make secondary contact
with the disks when they fall away, so you may see a little nick here and there.
No worries. You will only be using two screws to mount the disk in place
and it WILL cover the entire hole left by the old capacitor.

Be sure to confirm you received your disk in good order.
I will also confirm here on the reflector of those who will be getting the next batch
when the stock is gone. It's a pleasure and an honor to serve the CCA.
73 de Billy N6YW


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