Re: {Collins} extention cords

There is a standard 8 to 10 foot power cable "Extension Cord" that is a
Collins part number or you can have one made by RF Connections in our
support directory.   The going rate for the correct cable is $6 to $7
dollars a foot plus the terminating plugs. That is a very reasonable price
for custom cable which is what this is now.

They do first class work and this is what I recommend. The voltage drop is
fine and I am using one right now in one of my installs.

You have to be REAL LUCKY to actually find one of the Collins assemblies.
They do show up once in a while but it is a rare day.

Have fun,


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Dear Collins Colleagues,


Have any of you every used any kind or make or model power supply extension
cords so that you can locate a 516f-2 farther from your 32S-3 S line
transmitter and/or your KWM2?  Any recommendations for manufacturer?  What
about voltage drop, especially for the tube filaments since they are low
voltage?   Does it affect  performance or lower tube life or performance?  I
want to locate my power supply farther away than the stock length of the


Bernie KV7H


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