Re: {Collins} extention cords


Both Bill and Paul have provided good guidance depending on whether it's your preference to use an "extension cord" or construct a custom cable of your desired length. But voltage drops would be negligible in either case; especially considering today's (generally) higher AC line voltages.

Jerry, N4JL

At 11:41 PM 7/11/2013, Bernie Schnippert wrote:
Dear Collins Colleagues,

Have any of you every used any kind or make or model power supply extension
cords so that you can locate a 516f-2 farther from your 32S-3 S line
transmitter and/or your KWM2?  Any recommendations for manufacturer?  What
about voltage drop, especially for the tube filaments since they are low
voltage?   Does it affect  performance or lower tube life or performance?  I
want to locate my power supply farther away than the stock length of the

Bernie KV7H


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