{Collins} 32V2 Rear Panel Hypass Caps

Hi Listmates,
I came across a small stash of NOS Sprague 0.1uf 600 vdc Hypass caps.  These
are the hard to find bypass caps mounted on the rear panel of the 32V2 and 3
(not sure about the 32V-1) for the AC line, Ant Relay and Rcvr Disabling.  I
tested them for DC leakage and found all to yield a stable 220-250 Megohms.
I could not find the datasheet on the Hypass but I figure for pure DC
circuits such as on the 32V-2 that 2-3 uA leakage would be very acceptable
particularly to maintain the original form factor.  Any negative thoughts by
73 Jerry

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