{Collins} Need a Collins Desk mike support for Shure 55C mike mounting

A kind ham (K6EXI) presented the Burchett Museum and Radio Club KJ6YNI with
a gorgeous Shure 55C broadcast quality mike for use with the Collins station
and I am hunting for the appropriate scissor type of boom to use it with so
as to not drill holes in the Collins desk where the S-Line equipment is
housed. You can relate! Anyone have a scissor type boom support for these
oldie-but-goodie mikes?  Would love to buy the "period correct" type if at
all possible as everything Collins here is "1960s" and I sure want to keep
it that way! 


Note: Of course I could use a floor stand and will certainly consider that
if I can't find a scissor; but space is sure getting crowded around that
station.  Contact off list please. 


Robert L. (Bob) Burchett WB6SLC

CCA AC-12-12727

22826 Mariposa Ave. 

Torrance CA 90502





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