Re: {Collins} DL-1 Relay Wanted - Resolution

Thanks for the suggestions regarding my very buzzy DL-1 relay. 


1-      I tried tightening the one screw that held the relay to the chassis
= no change.


2-      I hooked up a variable DC supply to the DL-1 and dang, at about 6
VDC the relay energize smoothly and quietly; just like the DL-1 I have
running with my S-Line. So, I thought I'd take apart that DL-1 to see if
someone hadn't retro-fitted it for DC operation.


Then it dawned on me. Operator error! The DL-1 running with the S-Line had
one thing that the buzzy DL-1 didn't have; a ground wire running from DL-1
to the KWM-2. A quick attachment of jumper wires and . no buzz. The new DL-1
operated smoothly, as advertised.


Wow . I was amazed how important a simple ground wire was to the complete
circuit. It's all working like a charm now. Thanks again for those good



Ferris NB6T


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To: Ferris Jennings
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My suggestion is to use a 1N4002 diode and small cap 10uf 16V cap and drive
the relay with DC and it should make it quiet.

Try it. I can send you a diode and cap if you like.




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Subject: {Collins} DL-1 Relay Wanted

Hi All -

I have a very hummy relay in my DL-1 dummy load, and want to replace it

It's a Potter and Brumfield KT11A 6 VAC DPDT relay.

Anyone have one they want to sell, or could direct me to a source, or
provide information on a substitute, I'd appreciate it.

I've already searched Newark, Mouser, and Surplus Sales, with no results.
I'm also watching eBay, just in case.


Ferris NB6T


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