{Collins} Accident and 30L-1 tube glowing question

Guys a quick question....<br/>Was going downstairs when I fell one step before reaching level floor.<br/>The 30L-1 fell on my ankle producing a deep scratch that bleed profusely but didn't break my ankle, fortunately. The 30L-1 didn't hitting too hard since my leg softened its fall. No scratches on its surfaces too... Though piece of gear!!! <br/>The meter needle was stuck I place after the accident due to the bump. That was fixed after my wound was patched. Took it apart and did a microsurgery bringing back the stuck niddle into its sockets for it to freely turn. It came out of the bottom socket not the one on the front.<br/><br/>Next tested the 30L-1. When I turned it on, I heard a very soft pop.<br/>Have good voltage indicated on It's meter but is not switching to transmit.<br/>Small burning smell from the fuse circuit zone. Fuses are OK.<br/>The 10K ohm measures 9K Ohm and the 47 ohm measures 350 K and when measured from the opposite side it goes up
 to mega ohms? The diode affects of course.<br/>Will replace it with a 47 ohm I have here.<br/>But that is not all...then bottom left tube glows blueish when the 30L-1 turns on. <br/>Please note...  Im not transmitting, just on and it shows blueish glow around.<br/>Have tested all tubes with my VOM for filament shorts or filaments plate shorts but all is OK even on the blueish tube.<br/>I am afraid that one or more tubes may have been damaged in the accident and that damaged the resistor. No white color inside the tubes. Vacuum seems to be OK on all of them.<br/>I use a fuse between HV (2 resistors) and the power supply board and that fuse is ok.<br/>No more burning component smell from other places.<br/><br/>Is that blueish tube damaged?<br/>Have no way to test other than on the equipment.<br/><br/>73 de Rob.<br/>YS1RS.<br/><br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPad

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