{Collins} 32S-3 and 75S-3 in Transceive SSB

Hello to the list. I have been unable to tune this from the beginning except on frequency 14.250 Mc. On this freq. the rig tunes well with strong grid drive and PEP is 100 watts with strong receiving. I have made numerous contacts with it including the list on Sunday. The receiver PTO is perfect all across this band, but if you try to tune it with the PTO not on 50, it will not tune. If you drop to 14.0 MC and leave PTO on 50 the meter won't move and it will not tune. Same for other bands, except tuning on them in on trans VFO and then going to Rec VFO at the end, there is very low output like 5 or 10 watts. A Ham friend has worked on this with me and so far, there is no way with the controls to get it to perform correctly. The receiver has been recapped and aligned and a transmitter video shows it in transceive on all bands. It would be good to be able to isolate this to the receiver or the transmitter and concentrate on that unit. I would surely appreciate your input on any aspect of this as this is real nice equipment and I don't want to be condemned to one band. Tubes have been checked, but not substituted entirely with new. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and 73, Lyle AG6LH

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