{Collins} Mystery Collins tuner - 180S-1 on Steroids!

I bought this intending to cannibalize for parts for my amplifier project.

However, upon receipt and simple testing, it appears that it might make a
super antenna tuner, a shame to strip it for parts!

The tuning and loading caps have a large amount of capacitance, and the
load coil is
almost 90uH.  The band switch is a work of art. The Micas are .022uF, 8kv!

Looks like it was built to handle 8-10kw?

The rack mount is for a 23" rack.

Search engines can't find any info.
I am hoping that someone that knows Collins industrial equipment might spot
this and
respond -ie; "We used those in the radio room of the USS sinkem"


Thanks and 73

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