Re: {Collins} Mystery Collins tuner - 180S-1 on Steroids!

Without further research, I would guess this an output network for a 40's era transmitter. The capacitor and switch end plates are similar to those used in the Collins 233D that we are restoring for the Rockwell Collins Museum.

We believe that the air variable caps were built by Collins as was the switch.

Serial number is interesting; we are thinking that in the early days every major component or sub assembly was serialized as part of the entire output of the company. On the 233D, many of the components including the RF bay door had unique part number nameplates and serial numbers. It would be interesting to compare other subassemblies from the pre-war period to see if there is support for this theory. We will be looking in the archives at the museum to see if we can find additional information.

Jim w0nkn

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I bought this intending to cannibalize for parts for my amplifier project.

However, upon receipt and simple testing, it appears that it might make a
super antenna tuner, a shame to strip it for parts!

The tuning and loading caps have a large amount of capacitance, and the
load coil is
almost 90uH.  The band switch is a work of art. The Micas are .022uF, 8kv!

Looks like it was built to handle 8-10kw?

The rack mount is for a 23" rack.

Search engines can't find any info.
I am hoping that someone that knows Collins industrial equipment might spot
this and
respond -ie; "We used those in the radio room of the USS sinkem"

Thanks and 73

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