{Collins} Trying again - anyone interested before I sell these items on eBay?

I am cutting back on my ham gear and pursuing other interests so have decided yo sell my WE S-Line station. It consists of a 75S-3, 32S-3, 516F-2, 30L-1 and CP1 crystal pack. When last used a month or two back everything was functional except tuning on the receiver slips some. Crystals are currently installed in the receiver for both 30 & 17M. The 30L1 has had the Young Kim power supply upgrade. 

Some pictures can be seen here: http://sdrv.ms/14XR8h7

Asking $2200 for the station and I'm not interested in parting it out at present. I would accept a partial trade. I would consider a modern transceiver 160-6m with internal tuner or acoustic guitar, banjo or mandolin. I also want to find a buyer in SoCal. Not interested in shipping. 

PayPal is accepted and preferred. Email or call (six one nine)840-8736. Thanks. 73. 

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